Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses – information and support

Helping your business to succeed

The City's Eora Journey economic development plan identifies Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business success as a priority.

The plan provides details about our commitment to ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners have the opportunity to thrive in our local area.

These links are provided to inform Indigenous business owners or prospective entrepreneurs about assistance available to set up and run a business.

Starting a business

General information 

Get the right information to help you start and run a business:


Register your business

Find out what you need to know about registering your business name:

Australian Securities & Investments Commission

Apply for an ABN

Find out how to apply for an Australian Business Number:

Australian Business Register

Understand your tax requirements

Make sure you understand your tax requirements:

Australian Taxation Office

Secure your business

Get help on identifying and protecting your business' intellectual property assets, including your business name and any inventions, brands or logos:

IP Australia

Connection, collaboration and procurement

Supply Nation

Find out about connecting with and procuring supplies from Australia's leading directory of Indigenous businesses: 

Supply Nation

NSW Government procurement

Get information on how to become a supplier to NSW Government agencies:



Network with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners and gain access to valuable business support:

NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce

Resources and programs

Business ownership

Find out how the business development and assistance program helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to access the skills, knowledge and resources required to start and grow sustainable businesses:

Indigenous Business Australia

Small Biz Connect

Get some expert advice on starting and managing your own business:

Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner

Grants and assistance finder

Search for government grants and assistance that may be available to your small business:

Grants & Assistance for business

Last updated: Friday, 20 October 2017