Cut your in-store risks

New video podcasts aim to help city businesses protect themselves against a rising tide of retail crime.

Produced by the City’s Safe City unit in cooperation with NSW Police, the 5 videos (see below and inside this section), provide local retailers with free advice on how to avoid falling victim to new 'tap and go' technology, credit card scams and shoplifting.

Although speedy and convenient for retailers and their customers, the recent introduction of 'tap and go' card payment technology has brought additional risks of fraud. According to the latest report from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, fraud directly attributable to this new technology has risen in Sydney by 31%.

The videos were funded by a $10,000 grant from the crime prevention division of the NSW Justice Department, and have been warmly received by executive director of the Australian Retailers Association, Russell Zimmerman, who reports that retail fraud is costing Sydney businesses over $2.3 billion a year.

NSW Police crime prevention officer Janelle Laing and manager intelligence, fraud and cyber crime, Melanie Olson, describe current fraudulent practices and provide suggestions for the steps businesses can take to help protect themselves against in-store crimes.

Sydney City local area commander, superintendent Allan Sicard, said an influx of customers meant businesses were more vulnerable to scams.

"An increase in pedestrian traffic and busy customer service staff is often seen as an opportunity for fraudsters to target retailers," Supt Sicard said.

"Despite our police operations, improved surveillance technology in many stores and expert store security and loss prevention officers, retail theft and fraud is still costing the industry billions of dollars every year. Police work closely with retailers to proactively target shoplifters and other in-store fraud issues, which works to not only catch thieves, but to also deter anyone thinking they might get away with it," he said.

Preventing crime

Keeping your business safe

Crime is an issue that affects all kinds of businesses – whether you run a supermarket, department store, licensed premise, general store, local store or restaurant. Recent changes in payment technology such as Paywave have unfortunately increased crime rates in our area in the last 2 years. 

The City of Sydney has joined with NSW Police and the NSW Crime Prevention Division to produce a series of videos to provide practical tips on keeping your business, staff and customers safe from fraudulent acts. 

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You can also download a useful resource we have put together to help you get the facts on business security.

Safety contacts for businesses

We have developed a 'Safety contacts for Businesses' magnet to help your local business keep staff and customers safe in an emergency.

The magnet can be personalised with your business and location information, including the name of the nearest cross street. Knowing these details can help to communicate clearly in a potential emergency situation making it easier and faster for police, fire or ambulance officers to locate your business and respond.

If you would like to obtain a personalised magnet for your business, please contact:

02 9265 9333


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Last updated: Wednesday, 3 February 2016