Business news

Business news

It’s time to extend our reality: Amy Peck talks XR

12 November 2019

We caught up with the visiting tech entrepreneur who’ll present a free City of Sydney talk on all things extended reality.

3 locals shaking up Sydney retail

11 November 2019

Shifting business thinking paid off for these retailers.

Learn how to grow your business with Facebook Ads

6 November 2019

You’ve got the basics. Now you want to grow!

EndeavorVR founder Amy Peck discusses how XR changes lives and continues to shift our futures

28 October 2019

She’ll break down extended reality technologies into meaningful solutions for business.

Launch into space with NASA’s Dr Christyl Johnson

28 October 2019

Hear from the first African-American woman to be deputy director for technology and research investments.

Last updated: Wednesday, 28 November 2018