Recycling and waste services

Recycling and waste services

Your rates and waste

Business council rates do not cover waste and recycling collections. Residential properties receive these collections because their rates include a waste services charge.

All businesses need to have their own waste contractor to collect and dispose of their waste. The City of Sydney also strongly recommends businesses hire a contractor to collect recyclables and separate materials such as paper and glass from general waste.

Cardboard recycling in milk crate

Cutting waste

We need your help! Around 90% of Sydney's waste is generated from the commercial and industrial sectors, yet only 50% of this waste is recycled. Recycling helps the environment and the economy by conserving resources and creating jobs. Where possible, purchase products, packaging and stationery made from recycled content.

We have a range of programs to help with greening your business.

Find out where to recycle all of those tricky items through Planet Ark's new recycling directory specifically designed for businesses.

Oz Harvest donates excess food from function centres, caterers, corporate offices, restaurants and cafes to charities. Call 02 9516 3877.

Using recycled furniture to fit out your office often allows you to buy higher quality items at a lower price, saving valuable resources. Contact re-use centres such as The Bower or Reverse Garbage to donate your old furniture and find low-cost new pieces.

Last updated: Monday, 22 May 2017