Application process and policies

Application process and policies

How to apply

Once environmental upgrade works have been identified the building owner or manager should first talk to a lender and confirm in-principle finance approval.

  1. Check with your existing lender whether they offer building upgrade finance through an environmental upgrade agreement. Eureka, Bank Australia and ANZ are known to offer building upgrade finance loans.
  2. Contact a member of the City’s sustainability programs team to confirm that your building meets the requirements of the City's environmental upgrade agreements policy.
  3. If eligibility is confirmed an EUA application form will need to be submitted.
  4. If approved, the EUA template agreement will need to be completed.

The building upgrade process diagram shows how the EUA steps fit into a typical building upgrade process and the parties involved.

To find out more, you can also review the City's environmental upgrade agreements policy and environmental upgrade agreement enforcement procedure

The City of Sydney charges an administration and processing fee for all EUAs entered into. The fee amount is determined by the length of the EUA loan. Refer to the environmental upgrade agreements schedule of fees for details of the administration and other fees charged by the City.

Last updated: Sunday, 1 July 2018