Who is eligible?

Building upgrade finance is designed to help commercial building owners access capital for building upgrade projects more easily through an environmental upgrade agreement.

You are eligible to enter into an environmental upgrade agreement with the City of Sydney if:

  • the building is not subject to a registered strata plan or company title strata plan
  • the building is located in the City's local area
  • the building owner has no overdue debts to the City
  • there are no outstanding orders that have been issued in relation to the building pursuant to any relevant legislation
  • the building owner agrees to be bound by the City's environmental upgrade agreement policy
  • all authorisations or statutory requirements required to undertake the EUA works are obtained prior to making an application.

Full eligibility criteria are listed in the City’s environmental upgrade agreement policy

What types of projects are eligible?

Building upgrade finance is available for works that improve the environmental performance of an existing commercial building including projects that:

  • increase energy and water efficiency
  • prevent or reduce pollution and waste
  • reduce material consumption
  • improve recycling
  • reduce use of private motor vehicles
  • enable monitoring of environmental quality
  • reduce greenhouse gases.

Examples of environmental upgrade works include:

  • lighting upgrades
  • building management system improvements
  • lift motor upgrades
  • improvements to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning including variable speed drives on ventilation motors, floor-by-floor shut-off valves for chilled or heated air, and installation of energy efficient chiller systems
  • installation of water-saving equipment including rainwater harvesting systems, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, blackwater treatment system, toilet and urinal efficient-unit replacement and water fixtures
  • solar thermal heat installation
  • glazing improvements
  • software upgrades for energy efficiency
  • installation of renewable energy – solar and wind
  • boiler improvements and installation of energy efficient fixtures
  • improvements to the energy efficiency of data centres and information and communication technology.

Our case studies show examples of works funded through EUAs.

Last updated: Thursday, 5 October 2017