Smart Green Business

Smart Green Business

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"We wanted a detailed understanding of how we could get the best return on investment and how to ensure we didn’t have a negative guest experience – and that was exactly what we got."

3 businesses show you how to save money and the environment

There is more than 1 reason to do an environmental assessment. Not only will it make a measurable sustainability impact, but it will save your business money.

Smart Green Business connects you with credible industry experts who provide the latest information in business sustainability. It also supports an audit of your water and waste operations to determine opportunities for efficiencies and reduced costs. To date, over 300 leading local businesses have saved $8,000 each year on average in water, energy and waste bills.

Savings achieved by 3 Sydney businesses

1. Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney (participated in February 2013)

Jolly Swagman’s new water saving devices resulted in savings of 2,705 litres per day. This saved  $3,467 each year. Updated systems also diverted 85% of waste into recycling streams and saved around $6,000 each year. With consultation and support from the City, the business has gone close to paperless and has recently installed large solar panels, further reducing its carbon footprint.

2. NOMAD Restaurant (participated in July 2015)

NOMAD installed water saving devices, saving 2,705 litres per day. This saved $3,467 each year. The restaurant has a strong and holistic sustainability focus across all of its operations. Among its many initiatives, NOMAD uses sustainably farmed produce, sourced locally, and takes care not to waste any part of the animal. NOMAD separates its general, cardboard, plastic, metal and organic waste. It returns polystyrene boxes back to suppliers for reuse and only uses recycled paper. Flow restrictors have been installed on all taps throughout the restaurant which has reduced water consumption by up to 65%. Additionally, NOMAD filters, chills and carbonates water onsite. The restaurant also provides its staff with the option of a super fund that invests in clean energy.

3. Swillhouse Group (Frankie’s Pizza, Baxter Inn, Shady Pines and Restaurant Hubert participated in April 2017)

For Swillhouse Group, installing water saving devices resulted in savings of 9,000 litres per day. This saved $10,000 each year. The business also undertook a life cycle assessment of all of its products and services, in order to avoid unnecessary costs and waste. As a result, it will eliminate chemical use and look at installing a unit which turns food waste into nutrient-dense water that can go into the trade waste system. Finally, the restaurant group will change the menu to focus on locally sourced produce.

Save money and the environment

Smart Green Business is a program designed to help medium and large enterprises save money and improve their environmental performance. Businesses can reduce their energy and water costs, improve waste management and get access to regular advice and support.

A winning initiative

Our Smart Green Business program has been awarded a 2013 NSW Green Globe Award in the category of Local Government Sustainability. The awards program recognises environmental excellence, leadership and innovation in NSW and projects are chosen for their ability to demonstrate ways in which we can all live and work more sustainably.

Who is eligible?

Medium to large-sized business operating within the local area.

To date, over 600 leading local businesses have saved $8,000 per year on average in water, energy and waste bills by participating in the Smart Green Business program.

Why get involved?

  • Save money: Reduce your operating costs through efficient water, energy and waste management.
  • Access information: Learn from industry experts and receive the latest sustainability information.
  • Strengthen reputation: Find out how you can attract new business and enhance your standing with customers, suppliers and other businesses.
  • Free advice and support: Professional guidance is provided.

The program is run in partnership with Sydney Water.


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Sustainability Programs Officer
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NSW Government's Green Globe Awards

Last updated: Tuesday, 10 October 2017