Business 101: So, you want to start a small business?

Ready to launch your tech business?

19 June 2013

Deputy Lord Mayor Robyn Kemmis and facilitator Jo Kelly host the Startups 101 seminar. Featuring tech business owners, entrepreneurs and technological experts, this seminar will help people who want to start up a technology business.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore welcome

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Richard Roberts

Business Advisor Finegrain, City of Sydney

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Will Young

Founder and Managing Director Campos Coffee

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Lisa Penson

Small Biz Connect Program, Clearly Business Enterprise Centre

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Luke Heard

Lawler Partners

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Part one Q and A

Beginning the process

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Russell Hand

Senior Planner, City of Sydney

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Lee Dunstan

Building Surveyor, City of Sydney

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Part two Q and A

The local approvals needed

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Garth Mcrae and Toby Skyring

Directors, False Behaving Animals

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Jan Campbell

Business Precinct Coordinator, City of Sydney

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Last updated: Friday, 6 December 2013