Heritage 101

Hear from leading heritage architects and builders

16 May 2013

Lord Mayor Clover Moore and ABC TV's Adam Ford host the Heritage 101 workshop. Featuring heritage architects and builders, this workshop aims to ensure the participants feel confident about taking in a heritage restoration project.

Adam Ford, host of ABC TV’s Who’s Been Sleeping in My House, introduces the event and shares his passion for heritage.

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Lord Mayor Clover Moore welcomes everyone to the workshop and explains why heritage is important to the City of Sydney.

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Peter Phillips from Orwell and Phillips Architects explains why we should care about heritage.

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Otto Cserhalmi from OCP Architects goes through the do's and don't's of heritage restoration.

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Gary Waller from G and C Waller Builders talks about the building stage of heritage restorations.

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Peter Phillips, Otto Cserhalmi and Gary Waller continue the discussion on heritage and restoration.

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Last updated: Friday, 6 December 2013