Cash handling

Advice for handling money

Leading Senior Constable Janelle Laing gives some tips on safely handling, counting and transporting cash and how to address theft.


Leading Senior Constable Janelle Laing: Cash handling not only involves the general use of cash, daily, through your business, but also the transportation and storage of cash at your location. 

All employees at your business need to be aware of policy and procedures that you have in place, not just management. 

Some considerations to take while counting cash on premises include counting it out of sight of public view, so not really in front of your customers, ensuring that your location is secure, so all windows and doors are locked, prior to conducting any counting, and also having a telephone available, so if you do happen to get into trouble, you can contact local police or someone to help. 

To address the theft of cash from your register throughout the course of your business, look to employ measures such as ensuring that your cash register is always locked and closed, having it in an area where it's not easily accessible to offenders, and ensuring that you know who actually has contact with that register at all hours and all business trading hours.  

To prevent, minimise, or respond to robbery attempts of cash being transported, ensure that 2 employees, able-bodied employees, transport that cash together. Ensure that they're not wearing any branded uniform that identifies them as having come from a business. And if they're traveling in a vehicle, ensure that the vehicle is locked and secured and no unnecessary stops are made. 

In the event of suspicious activity in and around the business premises, employees are urged to contact their local police. Alternatively, they can also call Crimestoppers and remain anonymous with that information.


Triple Zero (000) for emergencies or life threatening situations.

Police Assistance Line: 131 444 for non-emergencies.

Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 to provide crime information. You can remain anonymous.


Last updated: Thursday, 11 December 2014