Eat city

Sydney's dining scene is highly regarded around the world. Access to quality ingredients, an ethnically diverse population and a climate geared towards outdoor dining makes eating in the city a pleasure.

All local businesses that serve food to the public are regulated by the City of Sydney and the NSW Food Authority. We provide advice and approve new businesses, monitor food hygiene practices, do checks for contamination, follow up on complaints, and make sure business owners and their staff comply with laws and standards.

Find out more about food and drink businesses and how they are regulated in this section.

Setting up a food business? There are a few steps involved when getting approval.

Notify us when business ownership changes.

Whatever food or drink business you are in, safety and hygiene is paramount and highly regulated. 

If you want to sell food from a mobile venue, there are a number of rules governing where you can trade and how your vehicle is to be outfitted.

Before you can start operating from a domestic kitchen, you need to get approval from the City

Stallholders and event organisers have obligations around temporary food stalls, which have to be approved and registered before food can be sold at fairs, festivals and other public events.

Sydney's weather makes outdoor dining popular with customers. There are a number of regulations and fees for businesses offering food outside.

There are rules and regulations covering smoking at food and drink venues too.

Last updated: Thursday, 16 January 2020