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City banners are a highly effective advertising medium to promote festivals, sporting, retail, arts, charity, business and cultural events.

  • Access the world's largest banner network
  • Reach up to 800,000 workers, residents and visitors to the city every day
  • Enhance the City’s streetscape with your eye catching creative
  • Over 1,400 premium locations throughout the city
  • Most recognised outdoor advertising by Sydney visitors

Bring your event based campaign to life with city banners.

View our comprehensive banner guide (PDF 5.1 MB) for booking instructions, design guidelines and basic banner specifications.

Banner rates

Hire costs
Rates per banner per week
Commercial rate (premium locations) $153
Commercial rate (city locations) $119
Commercial rate (urban locations) $60
Government rate (premium locations) $122
Government rate (city locations) $97
Government rate (urban locations) $50
Not-for-profit rate (all locations) $72.50
Charity rate – with DGR status (all locations) $24.50
Quantity Installation fee Dismantle fee
Simple sequence
0–150 banners $42 $42
150+ banners $28.50 $28.50
Complex sequence
0–150 banners $47 $42
150+ banners $33.50 $28.50
Additional costs
Washing, labelling and packaging of banners (each) $12
Washing of banners (each) $8
Disposal of banners (each) $5.50
Delivery fee (Sydney metropolitan area) $152
Delivery fee (outside Sydney) $273
Urgency fee for late delivery of banners to installers $734.50
Establishment fee: for installation or dismantle of less than 51 banners $540
Order variation fee $408


Banner types

City Banners offers three types of banner poles: Type A, Type B and Standard. Download the production specifications for your banner manufacturer.


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The City of Sydney banner network is a vital part of many of Opera Australia’s marketing campaigns. Their reach, impact, and effectiveness is unparalleled.

City of Sydney is dedicated to celebrating the cultural and creative institutions that shape our city.

Opera Australia

We've enjoyed working closely with City of Sydney for the past decade, utilising their extensive banner network to promote major exhibitions including the much loved annual Archibald Prize and the record-breaking Picasso exhibition. An essential part of many our marketing campaigns, the banners are an extremely effective channel for increasing awareness and reaching a mass audience.

Art Gallery of New South Wales

It’s really so valuable for us and such an important part of our marketing campaigns and brand recognition.

Bangarra Dance Theatre Australia

The City of Sydney works closely with major events organisations such as Destination NSW, who frequently use the outdoor banner network's premium locations to promote their Sydney events.

Over the years these have included Vivid Sydney, major sporting events such as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, the AFC Asian Football Cup 2015 and various musicals such as The Lion King, Wicked and Les Misérables.

Destination NSW

Last updated: Wednesday, 1 July 2020