Skin penetration

Skin penetration

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Register your business

If you operate a business (including mobile operators) that undertakes skin penetration procedures, you must register your business with the City of Sydney.

Skin penetration procedures include:

  • hair removal (wax or electrolysis)
  • acupuncture
  • tattooing
  • ear and body piercing
  • colonic lavage
  • cuticle cutting
  • microdermabrasion.
There is a one-off registration fee of $100 when you register your business with the City.

You also need to register with the City if you are planning an event in the local area involving skin penetration procedures.  

NSW Health

If you require further information on specific procedures, NSW Health provides fact sheets


For more information about registering your business, please contact:

Health and Building Unit
02 9265 9333

Last updated: Sunday, 1 July 2018