Citizenship ceremonies

Citizenship ceremonies

Online citizenship ceremonies

The Department of Home Affairs has advised citizenship ceremonies will now take place online through a secure video link so people can safely become Australian citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You will be sent an email invitation from the NSW ceremonies team. There is no need to contact the Department of Home Affairs or the City of Sydney as you will be invited to a ceremony in order of your approval date.

Ceremonies held online are one-on-one with the presiding officer from the Department of Home Affairs. You will be required to make a pledge of commitment to Australia, under the Australian Citizenship Act 2007. If you’re not in Australia, you will not be allowed to have an online ceremony.

As soon as we’re able to do so, we look forward to recommencing face to face citizenship ceremonies with the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore presiding at Sydney Town Hall.

If you would prefer to wait for one of these ceremonies, you may decline the invitation to attend an online ceremony. We cannot say at this time when in-person ceremonies will recommence.

The path to citizenship

Before you can become an Australian citizen you need to first contact the federal Department of Home Affairs, to find out if you meet the criteria.

If you are eligible, you'll be asked to complete an application form, pay a fee and attend a short interview. The department will notify you in writing if your application is successful and will contact you again to advise the date, time and location of your citizenship ceremony.

If you are a City of Sydney resident, your ceremony will take place at the historic Sydney Town Hall.

The first citizenship ceremony in NSW took place at the Sydney Town Hall on 26 March 1954.

The City of Sydney's role

The City of Sydney places great importance on Australian citizenship and hosts large ceremonies each month for local residents who have been approved to become Australian citizens by the Department of Home Affairs.

Please note: The City of Sydney does not process applications and our staff are not involved in any decision making at all. We don't even decide which ceremony you will attend. All of these decisions are made by the Department of Home Affairs. If you have any questions about your application, contact the Department of Home Affairs or phone the Citizenship Information Line on 13 18 80.

Citizenship ceremonies in 2020

  • Wednesday 22 July
  • Thursday 13 August
  • Tuesday 10 November
  • Wednesday 9 December

Dates are subject to change.


Should you have any special requirements regarding the ceremony, such as assisted disability access, contact the Lord Mayor's Protocol Unit as soon as you are advised of your scheduled ceremony date.

Office of the Lord Mayor (Protocol Unit)

02 9265 9982

Last updated: Tuesday, 9 June 2020