Living in Sydney

Living in Sydney

Making safe choices

Sydney is a great city, but it's not always easy to find a place to live. If you're thinking of sharing with others, follow our quick guide to make sure your new home is safe and comfortable.

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Wellbeing resources

Our international student guide provides information about settling into Sydney. This is a one-stop-shop for new arrivals.

We have also created a range of useful resources to help you discover, enjoy and make the most of your stay in Sydney. From making sure you're safe and comfortable in your rented accommodation to a guide on Sydney's public transport and an introduction to our libraries and sports centres, we have you covered.

You will find these helpful resources across the City's website:

Accommodation safety Safety information and useful contacts in English and community languages Speak my language – many resources are available in community languages International student leaders and ambassadors Getting around, information on using public transport in Sydney Free WiFi is available at our library branches Libraries – great places to explore, learn and connect Self-guided walking toursSports and recreation facilities offering student discounts

Some other resources include:

Fire and Rescue NSW NSW Government: International students – living in NSW Facebook: NSW Police corporate spokesperson for international students

Sydney welcomes international students

Keep left

In Australia, we walk, ride and drive on the left-hand side, as opposed to many other countries that keep right.

If you're walking you should stay on the footpath unless you're crossing the road. It's best to cross the road at a designated crossing so motorists and cyclists can clearly see you. 

If you're riding a bike you must wear a helmet and should also use a cycleway. If a cycleway is not available then you should ride on the road instead of the footpath.

Remember to keep left!

Find out more about local road rules in Sydney.

Last updated: Tuesday, 31 May 2016