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Local and overseas research into ageing

UK charity Stonewall's report makes a number of recommendations for the health and social care sector to improve the lives of older lesbian, gay and bisexual people in its report 'Lesbian, Gay and bisexual people in later life'.

ACON's 'Ageing Disgracefully' strategy identifies the priority needs that exist for ageing GLBT people and the value that ageing GLBT people add to community life.

The Stonewall report and ACON's strategy can be accessed under Links.


Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People in Later Life Ageing


For further information, please contact:

Pip Ditzell
Community Programs Officer (LGBTIQ)
02 9246 7671

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment or if you need an interpreter you can contact us via these services:

TTY/voice calls 133 677Speak & Listen 1300 555 727Telephone Interpreter Service 131 450


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex-related films.


  • 'Stonewall Uprising' (2010), directed by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner
  • 'Silent Pioneers: Gay and Lesbian Elders' (1985), directed by Pat Snyder, Lucy Winder, Harvey Marks and Paula De Koenigsberg
  • 'Gen Silent' (2011), directed by Stu Maddux
  • 'Liberty: 3 Stories About Life and Death (2003), directed by Pam Walton
  • '88 Years in the Closet' (2008), directed and produced by Peter Shafron
  • 'Ten More Good Years' (2007), directed by Michael Jacoby
  • 'A Place to Live: the Story of Triangle Square' (2008), directed by Carolyn Coal
  • 'Beauty Before Age' (1997), directed by Johnny Symons

Gay films

  • 'Gods and Monsters' (1998), directed by Bill Condon
  • 'Longtime Companion' (1990), directed by Norman René
  • 'Living With Pride: Ruthe Ellis' (1999), directed by Yvonne Welbon
  • 'Torch Song Trilogy' (1988), directed by Harvey Fierstein

Lesbian films

  • 'The Hours' (2002), directed by Stephen Daldry
  • 'Edie & Thea: a Very Long Engagement (2009), directed and produced by Susan Muska and Greta Olagsdottir
  • 'Forbidden Love: the Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives' (1992), directed by Lynne Fernie and Aerlyn Weissman
  • 'Hannah Free' (2009), directed by Wendy Jo Carlton
  • 'Lesbian Grandmothers From Mars' (2005), directed by Keith Wilson
  • 'Living With Pride: Ruth C Ellis@100' (1999), directed by Yvonne Welbon

Transgender and intersex films

  • 'I Am Woman Now' (2012), directed by Michael van Erp
  • 'Intersexion' (2012), directed by Grant Lahood
  • 'Growing Old Gracefully: the Transgender Experience' (2012), directed by Joe Ippolito
  • 'Transamerica' (2005), directed by Duncan Tucker


Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex related literature and specialist bookshops.

55 Uppity Project

Interview and photography project with older lesbian women.

The Bookshop Darlinghurst

Gay and lesbian fiction, non-fiction and films.

Older Dykes

Short stories and articles by older lesbians.

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