Multilingual community resources and tools

Telephone Interpreter Service information card

Inner and Eastern Sydney Migrant Interagency recently developed a Telephone Interpreter Service information card in 16 languages (Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Greek, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian, Burmese, Japanese, Persian, Dinka, Korean, Swahili, Karen, Thai) to inform clients from CALD backgrounds about their right to request the telephone interpreting service and the responsibilities of government and non-government organisations to provide such a service when requested.

The project came out from consultation with clients from CALD backgrounds. Findings suggested that many of them are not aware of the interpreter service or don’t  feel comfortable to use the service due to a lack of information even though such a service has been operating for many years. At the same time, some clients also mentioned that once they started using the service, they felt much more confident to seek information and services from service providers in their own language.

Other multilingual tools and resources

We have a range of multilingual tools and resources available.

Multilingual welcome poster

The multilingual welcome posters are a product of the Living in Harmony 2008 Multicultural Art Competition. The artworks showcase the local area's diversity. Available in 3 designs, the word 'welcome' is presented in 31 community languages.

Language identification card

The language identification card is a checker board of 36 languages used to assist communication between clients and service providers. The language identification tool allows clients to identify their preferred language and informs service providers to engage telephone interpreter services (TIS) to facilitate communication.

Multilingual community services directory

May Murray Neighbourhood Centre and the City jointly developed a community service directory in 9 languages: Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Greek, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese and Italian. The directory lets the community know of the services available from government and non-government organisations.

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Last updated: Wednesday, 20 August 2014