Gig buddies

Gig buddies

Buddies for live gigs

The Gig Buddies program aims to increase access to live music and performances for people with disability.

Gig Buddies Sydney pairs adults with learning disability with volunteers to regularly attend gigs or other events. The program facilitates social inclusion, addresses social isolation, builds sustainable friendships, changes perceptions of disability in the wider community and empowers people with disability to develop social and life skills.

Assisted Community Living, a not-for-profit organisation providing living needs support to people with learning disabilities, developed the program and trained 50 volunteers in 2013.

With further support from the City’s grants and sponsorship program, Gig Buddies will expand in 2018. More volunteers will be recruited, trained and paired with 150 people on the waiting list. 

The Gig Buddies program meets objectives identified in the City’s Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021 and the live music and performance action plan. Both plans advocate participation of people with disability as audience members and artists in arts programs.

You can follow Gig Buddies on Facebook and Twitter.

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Last updated: Tuesday, 5 June 2018