2014 meetings

11 December 2014

The panel was briefed and given advice on the Sydney Town Hall emergency evacuation procedures.

Transport for NSW and Access Solutions briefed the panel on the Opal card ticketing system. The panel suggested improvements to engage and encourage people with disability to use Opal.

The City briefed the panel on the Gunyama Park and Green Square Aquatic Centre development. The panel agreed to be consulted throughout the design and construction process and made suggestions to further improve access for people with disability.

The City provided an update on new outdoor dining policy. The panel provided additional feedback on the use of tactile ground surface indicators on footpaths. The draft outdoor dining policy is expected to be on public exhibition in 2015, when the panel will have the opportunity to provide further feedback.

The panel was given an update on the Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2014–2017 including projects on accessible public domain upgrades, the public domain access policy, on-street parking spaces for mobility access, retail, dining and leisure services, City of Sydney web services and participation of people with disability in arts programs.

1 October 2014

The Green Square library and plaza design was presented to the panel, which said it was pleased with the City’s access considerations. The panel provided advice to further improve accessibility in the Green Square town centre.

The panel was briefed on the City’s draft Hoardings and Scaffoldings Policy and Guidelines and provided advice to maintain accessibility and minimise impacts to pedestrians on footways during construction works. 

The City updated the panel on the progress towards web accessibility including the development of the draft Digital Accessibility Policy and Guidelines.

The panel provided additional suggestions to further improve the policy, and congratulated the City on its progress and commitment to online accessibility.

6 August 2014

The panel was updated on the Legible Sydney Wayfinding Strategy and the CDB access map. The panel advised on the information to be included in the hard copy version of the access map.

Jeenee Mobile briefed the Panel on their not-for-profit telecommunication service for people with disability, including information on free 24-hour access to a help centre for users.

Infrastructure NSW, Hassell Architects and AEG Odgen updated the panel on access initiatives for the Sydney international convention, exhibition and entertainment precinct. The panel provided advice and guidance to improve access and inclusion for everyone in a number of areas.

The City provided a progress update on the consultation for the new outdoor dining policy. The panel provided additional feedback. Consultation will continue with key stakeholders in 2014. The panel will be updated via email.

11 June 2014

Wilson Parking and the City briefed the panel on access features in their respective parking stations across the city centre. The panel suggested a number of initiatives to improve and promote accessibility.

The panel will continue to work with Wilson Parking and the City to improve and promote accessible parking in parking stations.

The panel also provided guidance to help the City promote universal design in new developments. The City will continue to consult the panel as it develops universal design guidelines and initiatives for future developments.

The City is preparing to review and develop a new outdoor dining policy. The panel was briefed on the history of outdoor dining in the City and the competing interests of stakeholders. Consultation will continue with the panel out of session.  

9 April 2014

The panel advised the City on inclusive playground equipment at Pirrama Park in Pyrmont, recommending an accessible spinner to encourage inclusive play for all children.

The panel also provided guidance on the 2014 residents survey, including help with formulating survey questions and strategies for engaging people with disability, including the use of alternative formats.

The City along with Vision Australia, provided the panel with an update on the progress of the City’s web accessibility project that seeks to improve digital content and print document accessibility. The panel provided feedback on key considerations for the project including the importance of user testing and adaptability to allow for new technologies.

In 2013, ACD NSW received a community services grant from the City to develop a smartphone app that provides accessible venue and facility information in the local area. ACD NSW demonstrated the app and sought the panel’s advice on the app's information and design. The panel provided positive feedback and will continue to assist ACD NSW.

The public exhibition period for the draft Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2014–2017 closed on 31 March 2014. The panel was advised that the majority of the feedback received was positive, with some suggestions for improvements and additions. The panel will consider the feedback in more detail in the process of finalising the plan.

12 February 2014

The panel was briefed on the City’s Connecting Our City Strategy and provided advice on accessibility for key city centre transport projects such as light rail, pedestrian movements, bus networks, taxis and parking.

The City will continue to work with the panel as the development project approaches the design phase.

The panel provided advice about obtaining accessible event information from organisers for What’s On! event listings. The panel will continue to work with the City to redevelop the What’s On! website.

The City’s community engagement plan for the draft Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2014–2017 was presented. The panel suggested added consultation strategies including peak organisation involvement and radio promotion. The draft plan was on exhibition until 31 March 2014.

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