2015 meetings

9 December 2015

The Green Square Aquatic Centre design for bleacher seating was considered and the panel highlighted instead of only providing accessible spaces to one side, the design should aim to be truly inclusive.

This would ensure people who use wheelchairs and families with prams can have a choice of places to sit with their family and friends.

The panel advised the producers of the APIA International Wheelchair Tennis event to be held in Prince Alfred Park from 12–16 January 2016, about how to make the event inclusive and accessible. Suggestions included providing accessible drop off points and information about accessible parking and transport options, and providing digital score boards and live captioning to help people who are deaf or hearing impaired to follow the scores. 

Deputy Lord Mayor Robyn Kemmis thanked the panel for its valuable contribution during its first term.

26 October 2015

Special joint meeting with the Transport for NSW
Accessible Transport Advisory Committee

The City’s panel joined with the Transport for NSW Accessible Transport Advisory Committee for a special briefing about light rail on George Street.

Attendees were briefed by staff from the City of Sydney, Transport for NSW and representatives from the consortium delivering light rail about how the integrated public domain and light rail design will address access and safety issues for all pedestrians, including people with disability.

A particular focus of the session was wayfinding and navigational cues for people who are blind and vision impaired.

The feedback included reinforcing the importance of safety and consistency for people who are vision impaired or hearing impaired, the importance of seating and lighting for older people, and accessible light rail stops that provide easy exits for people with mobility impairments.

14 October 2015

The panel provided advice about accessible outdoor seating for Gunyama Park and the importance of choosing a hoist system for the pool to ensure the dignity of the user.

The panel provided feedback on the City's draft outdoor dining policy and advice on how to engage with the disability sector to get further feedback.

The panel was consulted about the City's draft adapting for climate change strategy and provided advice about the unique vulnerabilities of people with disability in extreme heat conditions.

The panel made suggestions for emergency preparedness programs and communication protocols during emergency responses.

Dr Kim Kullman from the University of London introduced the panel to emerging concepts in universal design. The panel discussed with Dr Kullman the difference between standards for access and universal design, and the challenges associated with regulating for universal design outcomes.

12 August 2015

The panel was consulted about the interior layout and fit out of the Green Square Library and provided advice about accessible furniture options, wayfinding within the library that will meet the needs of people with visual impairment, and accessible computer hardware and software that could be provided by the library.

The panel provided advice to City staff about access improvements within Hyde Park, and in particular within the Hyde Park Café and Museum Station.

The panel was consulted about the development of the social sustainability discussion paper and gave advice about social issues of concern for people with disability, and how to best consult with residents with disability and specific peak groups and organisations in the disability sector.

10 June 2015

The panel was consulted about the design of the Green Square Aquatic Centre and Gunyama Park.

It provided advice about the location of access ramps to the Olympic and beach pools, and seating design options in Gunyama Park.

The panel provided advice to City of Sydney staff about priority improvement for access on roads and footpaths in the City’s local area.

The advice highlighted the barriers that some people with disability and older people can face as pedestrians.

The panel was consulted about the development of an online city centre access map.

They were pleased with the flexible approach being explored and provided advice about some additional access features that should be included in the map.

8 April 2015

The design of the Green Square Aquatic Centre and Gunyama Park was presented to the panel, which provided advice about location of accessible change rooms and design of the entrance to the facility. The panel was happy to be consulted during the early phases of the facility's design.

The panel provided advice on the draft Development Control Plan – Advertising and Signage, and highlighted the potential adverse effects of light from digital signs to people with vision impairment.

City staff sought advice from the panel on a proposed project to better understand how retail and hospitality venues provide access for people with disability and identify opportunities for improvement. The panel provided advice on best practice access considerations in retail and hospitality and services that represent best practice.

The City updated the panel on the progress of the implementation of the Inclusion Disability Action Plan. Highlights include the development of the digital accessibility policy and training staff, the launch of the Gig Buddies program, and progress on the development of a city centre access map.

11 February 2015

The panel was briefed and provided accessibility advice on the 50m pool planned as part of the Green Square Aquatic Centre.

The City briefed the panel on proposed upgrades for Hyde Park. The panel provided general feedback about accessibility at Hyde Park and agreed to provide more detailed feedback when designs had progressed.

The City briefed the panel on the operation and maintenance of the parking stations owned by the City. The panel gave advice about access issues and agreed to provide further recommendations.

The City briefed the panel on the draft George St 2020: A Public Domain Activation Strategy. The panel provided advice about elements of the activation strategy, including moveable furniture and events that would require careful consideration to ensure equitable access for people with disability.

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