Bike Buddies

Bike Buddies

Connecting experienced riders with newcomers

Novice bike riders no longer have to ride alone, thanks to Bike Buddies – a City of Sydney supported initiative which pairs experienced riders with newcomers.

New riders interested in having an expert bike rider as a mentor can sign-up to the free program on the Bike Buddies website. Here they are matched with a skilled rider in their area. The experienced volunteer shows the new rider the best routes and offers advice on riding in traffic.

Angela Andrews, one of the co-founders of Bike Buddies, says the website emphasises informal, social and fun peer-to-peer learning.

“The number of cyclists in our community has the potential to grow as more people encourage their friends, neighbours and colleagues to join the bike revolution,” she said.

Bike Buddies is a great way to unite bike riders in the community and allow new riders to build their confidence. Through this initiative enthusiastic bike riders can share their know-how and skills, and inexperienced riders can learn about riding while making new friends and keeping fit.

With the NSW Government’s City Access Strategy encouraging bike education, the City of Sydney is proud to support the Bike Buddies initiative.

“I hope many new cyclists will gain enough confidence to eventually become guides for aspiring riders themselves,” says Angela Andrews in a cycling-inspired version of ‘paying it forward’.


Bike Buddies

Last updated: Thursday, 19 June 2014