Cargo bikes

Cargo bikes

On the move

The cargo bikes will be assembled by the UTS Housing Bike Club and can assist a community of 1,200 residential students in Chippendale, Ultimo and Glebe move large, heavy items between residences.

UTS Housing Bike Club

Students at the University of Technology, Sydney can now cycle their way through the job of heavy lifting. A City of Sydney grant enables the UTS Housing Bike Club to provide 15 new community bikes and two new cargo bikes for the students’ use.

Bringing bicycles into the university environment is an innovative way to help students move around the campus and neighbourhood without adding to traffic congestion.

Cargo bikes are a practical and fun way to support students with moving anything heavy, whether it’s grocery shopping or library books. They also help reduce the number of abandoned and unsightly shopping trolleys in the area.

And with a community of 1200 residential UTS students in Chippendale, Ultimo and Glebe, the cargo bikes can help move large, heavy items between student residences.

“A cargo bike extends our understanding of the ways a bicycle can be used,” says Andrew Redgrave, learning communities officer at UTS Housing. “It can be a delivery truck, a shopping trolley or even a moving van.”

With approximately 3500 ‘moving events’ annually, where students move into residence or move from one residential site to another, the cargo bikes will be in hot demand.

The 15 new community bikes will be used for personal transport and moving smaller loads, which reduce the need to use taxis and private vehicles. Facilities, such as a secure bike-storage room, designated bike-storage areas and bike maintenance tools, will also be available.

The City of Sydney grant also encouraged the rebirth of abandoned bicycles. By supporting the development of bicycle maintenance skills among UTS Housing residents, it’s full pedal power to the people.

Last updated: Thursday, 19 June 2014