Health and safety

Health and safety

Covid-19 pandemic

We’ve put together a community update for social housing tenants in our area.

It provides information about health, safety and support.

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Coronavirus updates

NSW and federal health authorities advise the City of Sydney on public health matters. For the latest updates and facts on Covid-19 (novel coronavirus), please visit:

NSW Health

Keep safe

While Sydney is a safe place to live, work and play, we have a responsibility to increase and enhance community health and safety.

Emergencies and disasters

Preparing yourself and your family for an emergency or an unexpected disaster helps save lives.

Smoking in public places

The City of Sydney supports NSW Health programs to reduce the public health impacts of smoking.

Domestic violence

The 'Domestic Violence is a Crime' booklet, written with NSW Police, contains information for people who are facing violence in their homes.

Alcohol and drugs

The abuse or misuse of alcohol and drugs can put individuals and the community at risk. We have a number of initiatives and programs in place to minimise the risk for everyone.

Crime prevention

We work on crime prevention campaigns and initiatives with NSW Police and other organisations to continue to reduce the already-low crime rates in Sydney.

Road safety

The sheer volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in Sydney means road safety is a major focus for the City of Sydney.

Street safety

Crimes 'against the person' such as assault and robbery are unavoidable in large cities but we work hard to counter street crime and violence.

Air quality

Smoke from bushfires is affecting air quality in large parts of NSW. Protect yourself from bushfire smoke.