Air quality

Air quality

Protect yourself from bushfire smoke

Smoke from bushfires is affecting air quality in large parts of NSW. The heavy smoke can impact your health and it’s important to reduce your exposure where you can.

Monitor air quality

You can check the air quality in Sydney with the NSW Government’s official air quality index. You can also subscribe for the latest updates.

The air quality index guide outlines what kinds of activities are recommended at particular air quality levels.

Reduce risk from bushfire smoke

  • Follow your doctor’s advice about medicines and managing health conditions such as asthma. Contact your doctor if symptoms worsen.
  • Monitor health quality and follow health messages.
  • Avoid strenuous outdoor activity.
  • Spend more time indoors. Shut doors and windows to help keep smoke out. Open doors and windows when the smoke clears.
  • Spend time in places with air-conditioning like cinemas, libraries and shopping centres.
  • Avoiding spending time around sources of indoor air pollution such as cigarettes, candles and incense.

NSW Health has more advice about protecting yourself from bushfire smoke.


Last updated: Thursday, 9 January 2020