Connecting schools

Connecting schools

Helping our kids to walk and cycle more

Most children live within 2km of their school gate, yet only 20% of children ride bikes or walk to school, compared with 80% of children 30 years ago.

Active travel to school has health benefits for parents and children, and it also means less traffic congestion around our schools.

There are more than 30 schools in the City of Sydney's local area – each with unique traffic conditions.

Through our Connecting Schools program we work with local primary schools to address concerns around access and road safety.

Our road safety officers support principals and parent groups to take small steps that will have a big impact on making walking and cycling to and from inner city schools safer and more enjoyable.

What we can do

  • Help promote healthy transport with a range of useful resources.
  • Encourage safe routes to and from school.
  • Work with all stakeholders to improve traffic management and road safety.
  • Keep your children safe by educating parents on the road conditions and parking regulations.

What we can't do

School zones: The flashing lights program, all markings and signs are Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) responsibilities. The state government has committed to installing flashing lights at every NSW school by the end of 2015. The lights remind motorists they should drive no faster than 40 km/h in school zones from 8am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm on gazetted school days.

School crossing supervisors: RMS runs this program. School crossing supervisors increase mobility and safety around pedestrian crossings by stopping traffic to let children safely cross the road.  

Speed and red light cameras: You can nominate a potential location, which Transport for NSW will consider.


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Last updated: Monday, 19 October 2015