Driveway safety

Driveway safety

It only takes a second!

Always know where children are when you reverse your vehicle out of your driveway.

Every week in Australia, a child (often a toddler) is run over in the driveway of their home – sometimes with fatal consequences.

Accidents can still happen when drivers reverse slowly and may leave permanent physical and mental scars on the victim, the driver and their families.

Every vehicle has blind spots behind it. Sensors, cameras and mirrors can help reduce the risk of an accident but they are no guarantee of safety – small children can move very quickly.

You can help us promote driveway safety in your local community and download our awareness poster.

Driveway safety tips

  • Look for children, pets and toys around your vehicle before you move it.
  • Always supervise children when vehicles are being moved and hold their hand to keep them safe.
  • Secure children in their restraint before moving your vehicle.
  • Lock security doors to stop children from playing on the driveway.
  • Install fencing between play areas and your driveway.
  • Teach your child that a driveway is a road and not a play area.
  • Choose a safety spot where children can stand with an adult to watch family and friends come and go. 
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Last updated: Thursday, 6 November 2014