Speed limits

Speed limits

Local speed limits

There are different speed limits in the local area. Limits are the maximum speeds that should be obeyed in good driving conditions. You should reduce your speed further if visibility is poor or in bad weather.

Lower speeds are also required around central Sydney because people walking and riding bikes share the road with heavy traffic. Crash studies show people walking or riding are twice as likely to survive if they're struck by a car travelling at 40km/h instead of 50km/h. A small difference in speed means a big difference to save lives.

  • it's less stressful and it's easier to stop
  • you may not need to brake as often if you follow the traffic flow
  • you can save money on petrol and reduce your carbon footprint. 

40km/h in the city centre

In April 2016, the state government expanded the 40km/h speed limit zone in the city centre, bounded by:

  • Alfred Street and the existing 40km/h around The Rocks to the north
  • Macquarie Street, College Street (to Liverpool Street) and Elizabeth Street (to Eddy Avenue) to the east
  • Railway Square to the south
  • Quay Street, including the Paddy's Market precinct to the west. 

You can download a map of the new area.

Until the expanded zone takes effect, 40km/h speed limits introduced in September 2014 remain in the city centre bounded by:

  • Pitt Street to the east
  • Kent Street to the west
  • Hay Street to the south.

You can download a map of the current area

40km/h in Newtown

In May 2017, the state government introduced a 40km/h speed limit in Newtown covering all local streets bounded by:

  • King Street
  • Erskineville Road
  • Queen Street
  • Inner west railway line.

The City has also installed speed humps and road markings to help slow traffic and improve safety in the area.

Speed limits 

These speed limits apply in the following areas:

  • 50 km/h in urban areas of NSW
  • 40 km/h in school zones and on streets with high pedestrian numbers including the city centre, The Rocks, Millers Point, Ultimo and Woolloomooloo
  • 30 km/h on Druitt Street and in the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • 10 km/h in shared zones where drivers must give way to pedestrians.


Roads & Maritime: Speeding penalties Centre for Road Safety – Speeding Transport for NSW: Don't Rush campaign

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Last updated: Wednesday, 10 October 2018