Safe Space program

Safe Space program

Sydney’s youth safer for longer on city streets

The program has helped more than 70,000 young people avoid the risk of late night alcohol-related violence in the city centre. Now it has been extended into Darling Harbour.

Take Kare program

Since December 2014, we’ve provided funding and support for the Take Kare program, which operates in the city each Friday and Saturday night.

Roving teams of trained volunteer ambassadors provide on-the-spot assistance to people vulnerable to becoming offenders or victims of crime in the city at night.

A dedicated Safe Space provides vulnerable young people a place to rest, rehydrate, charge their phones, get first aid, find transport home, or wait for friends or family.

The trained volunteers routinely assist people who have passed out alone, who are receiving unwanted attention or who are involved in situations of verbal and physical aggression.

Program snapshot 

  • 12,801 people were supported by the Safe Space & TAKE Kare Ambassador program in 2017/2018.
  • 1,416 people were provided with first aid
  • 2,562 phones were charged at a Safe Space
  • 1,283 people were helped with directions
  • 512 people were given assistance regarding public transport
  • 258 people were assisted to reconnect with friends/family
  • 10,241 people spent time at a Safe Space.

For more information on how you can volunteer and get involved with the Safe Space and Take Kare Ambassador program, please visit the Take Kare Facebook page.

Last updated: Monday, 16 September 2019