Art and About 2022 2023 expressions of interest


Terms and Conditions

By participating in the EOI process, participants acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions.

Stage One Submissions

  1. Stage One submissions must be submitted using the Art & About Sydney online form by 5pm AEST on Monday 7 February 2022.
  2. All Stage One submissions must be made at the artist’s own cost.
  3. All engagements relevant to the submission (e.g. presenting partnerships) must be disclosed / outlined in the Stage One submission.
  4. If an artist requires a funding partner to deliver their Artwork/Project, this must be disclosed in the Stage One submission.
  5. All submitted Artworks/Projects must strictly comply with the Public Health Order requirements in place at the relevant time(s).
  6. All submitted Artworks/Projects must be suitably scalable and/or flexible in order to be able to respond to changing Public Health Order requirements.

Shortlisting and Selection

  1. The City reserves the right to shortlist and/or select Artworks/Projects in part or in full.
  2. All decisions made by the City in relation to the EOI process are final.
  3. The shortlisting and/or selection of any Artwork/Project will be at the sole discretion of the City. Shortlisting is no guarantee of selection.
  4. Stage Two submissions for shortlisted Artworks/Projects must be submitted in accordance with the instructions specified by the City.
  5. Shortlisted artists must consider any feedback or directions in relation to the proposed Artwork/Project provided by the City in response to their Stage One submission, and as part of preparing their Stage Two submission.
  6. The City will pay $1,000 (excluding GST) on receipt of a complete and conforming Stage Two Submission by the Key Date specified by the City, and a valid tax invoice. This is the maximum amount payable for a Stage Two Submission, irrespective of the number of Artworks/Projects and artists it comprises.
  7. The City reserves the right to not proceed with any Artworks/Projects submitted via the EOI process, and/or to source Artworks/Projects outside the EOI process.
  8. Shortlisting and/or acceptance of Artworks/Projects may be subject to an interview process.
  9. The successful completion of a Stage 2 submission is no guarantee of selection or the City proceeding with the Artwork/Project.
  10. The City reserves the right to consider Artworks/Projects for presentation dates beyond June 2023 subject to the agreement of both parties


  1. Shortlisted artists may be required to enter into an agreement with the City for the Stage Two part of the EOI process.
  2. Selected artists must enter into an agreement with the City for the delivery of the Artwork/Project. The terms governing the agreement will be provided to all shortlisted artists as part of Stage Two. The artists must agree to the terms and conditions.


  1. Selected Artworks/Projects must be presented in the City’s LGA during the period July 2022 to June 2023, unless otherwise agreed by the City.
  2. Artists and participants in the EOI process must comply with all directions given by the City in relation to the EOI process. Artworks/Projects selected through this EOI process will be presented as part of Art & About Sydney.
  3. Artists must comply with all NSW Government Public Health Orders in relation to the Artwork/Project and must comply with any direction in relation to complying with a Public Health Order given by the City or an authorised representative of the City.
  4. Both the City and the artist must agree on the manner in which the Artwork/Project will be presented and attributed in any launch or publication material including and without limitation to any acknowledgments of any engagements or presenting partnerships connected to the Artwork/Project.
  5. Artists must not make any statements to the media about the EOI process and/or the Artwork/Project without prior approval from the City.
  6. Artists will be responsible for obtaining public liability insurance (minimum of $20 million per occurrence), professional indemnity insurance (where relevant), and worker’s compensation insurance as required by law. Shortlisted artists must provide the City with certificates of currency for all required insurances.