Our responsibilities

Our responsibilities

Looking after the city

We proudly provide a large scope of commercial, residential, community and cultural services. In this section you can learn more about our responsibilities through the areas we service, our policies and regulations, as well as how you can access Council information. You can also find out more about our schedule of fees and charges, and permits and notifications.

Non-residential register and rolls

If you own, occupy or lease property in our local area you may be required to provide your details for the non-residential register and rolls to vote in future local government elections.

Areas of service

The suburbs and responsibilities the City looks after.

Permits and notifications

Certain activities need permits and notifications from the City.


You can access documents relating to all City policies and regulations.   


See open and submitted tenders and contracts awarded by the City.

Fees and charges

Access the schedule of fees and charges.

Access to information

Helping you access information you need.

Customer service charter

Our service commitment to you.


How we plan, monitor, review and report on our operations.

Fraud & corruption

Find out how to report suspected fraudulent or corrupt conduct at the City of Sydney.

Last updated: Tuesday, 6 August 2019