Entitlement updates

December 2017

The City of Sydney Act 1988 (the Act) establishes the criteria for entitlement to vote as a non-resident. Section 15(2) of the Act tells us that all non-residents must be entitled to vote in NSW state or federal elections.

Section 18B (2)(b) of the Act requires the NSW Electoral Commissioner, at election time, to notify the City of anyone on the non-residential rolls who is not entitled to vote at NSW state or federal elections so that their names can be removed.

The NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) can use its own electoral register to verify if people are enrolled within NSW. Verifying people enrolled outside NSW but within Australia requires access to the Australian Electoral Commission’s federal/interstate roll.

Officers from NSWEC have informed the City that, following advice from the Australian Electoral Commission, they can no longer verify any electors outside NSW for the purposes of creating the City’s non-resident rolls.

In practical terms, this means the City of Sydney non-residential rolls will be restricted to people enrolled in NSW. It is estimated that 10% of those on the City’s non-residential rolls for the local government election in 2016 were people enrolled outside NSW. This estimate is based on the enrolled address details supplied to the City by applicants.

The City will continue to accept applications from anyone who meets the criteria of owning, occupying or leasing property in the local government area, including nominees of corporations. We will continue to send details of all those we consider eligible to NSWEC for verification.

Last updated: Friday, 29 December 2017