Unified customer view project

Creating central customer records to manage data better

The City of Sydney would like to improve the way we communicate with our customers and stakeholders.

To help us understand our customers better, we need to develop central customer records. This will help bring together our different customer records and streamline our processes, which will allow us to update this data across all City systems simultaneously.

Fragmented data and disconnected systems

Like many organisations, we’re grappling with the issue of a fragmented customer view across the City’s many disconnected systems. There is no consistent rule across our systems to ensure integrity and consistency in the capture, display, access and use of customer data.

Fragmented internal data creates an inconsistent customer user experience and increases the costs we incur when we interact with customers. The systems are updated inconsistently based on impromptu customer interactions while changes made in one system don’t flow to other systems. This leads to out of date customer information and failed or delayed communications.

Data governance and management issues

Current data governance procedures and collaborations of data custodians at the City are impromptu and disparate. There is no centralised data quality analysis or cleansing, and there are no centralised data governance and management procedures across the City.

We intend to address these issues by implementing a customer master record solution and data management platform as part of our unified customer view project.

Expression of interest process

We will invite companies to outline their capability and recommended approach through an expression of interest process.

During this process, companies will have the opportunity, to request additional information, and identify opportunities for unique value add.

The City will evaluate each proposal to ensure companies demonstrate ability to deliver on brief, outline of concept and provision of innovative ideas.

To find out more, register on Tenderlink and search for EOI 1619 Unified Customer View – Customer Master Record Solution (CMRS) and Data Management Platform (DMP).

Last updated: Monday, 21 October 2019