Our environmental reports

Our environmental reports

Environmental plans and reports

Sydney is home to Australia's largest central business district and the largest urban population in Australia. Like all global cities and communities, the City of Sydney has a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact.

We’re already doing a lot to make Sydney more sustainable. We’ve adopted ambitious targets to lower our greenhouse gas emissions and mains water use, and will work towards a sustainable future for the city’s water, energy and resource use. The City was the first local council in Australia to be certified carbon neutral.

Our natural environment is an essential part of our city. We’ve developed comprehensive policies and clear targets to increase our urban canopy, biodiversity and the physical greening of the city.

Sustainable Sydney 2030 outlines our plan for the City of Sydney to be a global environmental leader. We all have a role to play – residents, businesses, the community and the City itself. Our environmental action 2016-2021 strategy and action plan sets out clear targets and actions.

Green reports

Our green reports set out the City’s environmental targets for our own operations and across the local area to 2030.

This includes reporting on progress towards achieving the actions and targets in our environmental strategy and action plan.

The plan includes information on programs related to our 6 focus areas:

  • low carbon city
  • water sensitive city
  • climate resilient city
  • zero waste city
  • active and connected city
  • green and cool city.

The plan outlines how we’re implementing our major environmental projects, including LED lighting, the rollout of solar panels, sustainability programs and more.

The green report is published twice a year and is included as part of the City’s annual report.

Last updated: Tuesday, 26 May 2020