WestConnex & Central to Eveleigh

WestConnex & Central to Eveleigh

The City hosted a follow up meeting about WestConnex and to discuss the future of the Central to Eveleigh precinct.

WestConnex is a NSW Government project to widen and extend the M4 and M5 motorways and join them together to form a continuous motorway with connections to the city, airport and port. The WestConnex M4 East will extend the existing M4 motorway with 2 new 5.5 kilometre tunnels, with 3 lanes in both directions, from Homebush to Haberfield, bypassing Parramatta Road and connecting to the City West Link.

UrbanGrowth is proposing 7,000 new apartments on the 19ha Central to Eveleigh site. The City is concerned about the high densities proposed for a precinct this size. They are greater than anything seen in Australia. There are no similar-sized areas of this density in London or Singapore, and only a few in Manhattan and Paris. It is similar to some areas in Hong Kong.

You can find more information on Sydney Your Say about these proposals. 

Panel speakers:

  • Graham Jahn AM, Director City Planning, City of Sydney
  • Melanie Fyfe, Senior Project Manager Access and Transport, City of Sydney 
  • Pauline Lockie, WestConnex Action Group
  • Michael Shreenan, Executive Officer, The Factory
  • Auntie Norma Ingram, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel, City of Sydney


Central to Eveleigh public meeting: 15 June 2016 WestConnex: A 1950s solution to a 21st century problem

Last updated: Wednesday, 3 August 2016