Poverty amid plenty

Exploring ideas for a more equitable and sustainable world

20 April 2012

Lord Mayor Clover Moore

In this podcast, Clover Moore introduces guest speaker Paul Gilding, the former CEO of Greenpeace International, writer and activist, to talk about whether a more equitable and sustainable world possible, and, if so, how do we achieve it?

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Paul Gilding, Author and sustainability adviser

The former Executive Director of Greenpeace International and author of The Great Disruption will discuss how we can work together to achieve a more equitable and sustainable world.

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Panel discussion

Hear the views of Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP; Paul Gilding, author and sustainability adviser; Sam Mclean, Deputy National Director, GetUp!; Ben Waters, Director, ecomagination, Australia and New Zealand, GE; Rachel Botsman, author and social innovator; Marc Ahrens, Occupy Sydney participant; and Ross Gittins AM, Economics Editor at The Sydney Morning Herald, discuss the workings of the global economy, asking who it benefits and at what cost, before putting forward solutions for creating a resilient, more sustainable and equitable future for all members of our society.
Darren Percival and Ensembleous Spontaneous Vocalous

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