Sustainable Sydney 2030

A livelier, more engaging place for people of all ages

16 March 2008

The Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision aims to make the City a livelier, more engaging place for people of all ages. At our first City Talk of 2008 eminent Danish architect Jan Gehl describes with energy his ideas for a more pedestrian and people friendly city centre.

Jan Gehl

Visionary architect Professor Jan Gehl discusses his recommendations for Sydney to make it a more liveable, vibrant, active and healthy city.
Pat Fensham

Urban planner Pat Fensham of SGS Economics and Planning explains the fundamentals of the Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan.
Bruce Taper

Environmental planner Bruce Taper of Kinesis explains the concept of Green Transformers and how Sydney can create its own energy and reduce green house gas emissions by 2030.
Rod Simpson

Sydney Architect Rod Simpson of Simpson + Wilson Architects discusses how 2030 renewal areas can be connected and stitched with the surrounding neighbourhoods.

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