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Past consultations

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102–106 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery: proposed changes to planning controls

Our proposal to change the planning controls for 102–106 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery will change the site's zone from a business park to mixed use.

A City for All – towards a socially just and resilient Sydney

Our social sustainability policy and action plan A City for All, sets out our vision and agenda to sustain a socially just and resilient Sydney over the next decade.

Improving Chelsea Street Reserve Redfern

The proposed renewal works of Chelsea Street Reserve in Redfern will improve the park for everyone to enjoy.

International education action plan

Our international education action plan includes actions to support international students and help them form lifelong connections with Sydney.

John Street Reserve: proposed shared zone

We are proposing a shared zone around John Street Reserve in Glebe to improve safety for people walking and driving in the area.

Joynton Avenue stormwater drain project

To manage the impacts of flooding in the Zetland area, we're proposing to construct a stormwater trunk drain in Joynton Avenue between O’Dea Avenue and Elizabeth Street.

Kimberley Grove Reserve Playground upgrade

We are proposing to upgrade Kimberley Grove Reserve Playground in Rosebery. The renewal works will improve the reserve for everyone to enjoy.

Making Sydney a sustainable destination

Our plan to make Sydney a sustainable destination sets a vision for our city to be recognised globally as a sustainable destination for business and holidays.

Morehead Street, Redfern new medians and more trees

We're proposing to install 2 central median strips and plant trees on Morehead Street, Redfern.

New market site applications on City-owned land

We receive ongoing applications to operate markets on City-owned land and invite feedback for each proposal.

Sydney's sustainable office plan

Sydney’s sustainable office building plan calls on building owners and tenants to reap the benefits of efficient buildings running on renewable energy.

Wimbo Park improvements

We will create a bigger, better, and more pleasant Wimbo Park, extending from Bourke Street to South Dowling Street in Surry Hills.

Proposed outdoor alcohol restrictions in the City of Sydney area

These restrictions aim to prevent anti-social behaviour by prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in certain areas.

A City for All – draft Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017–2021

The City of Sydney is committed to being an inclusive and accessible city for everyone, now and in the future.

Sydney Park skate space

Consultation on the concept design has now finished. Thanks for having your say and stay tuned to this page for project updates.

Proposal to amend heritage floor space

We invite your feedback on a proposed change to heritage floor space controls for Central Sydney. This affects the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 and the alternative heritage floor space allocation scheme.

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