Application guide

Application guide

How to put your DA together

Before you can make changes to a building or occupy premises in the local area you may need to lodge a development application (DA). The City of Sydney's online guide provides everything you need to know about the application process.

Please note, for every property-related transaction you make you need to be aware of tax implications. We refer you to the Australian Taxation Office's online GST and property guide to help you determine your obligations.

When a DA is required

Whether you're a householder, a small business owner or a major player in the development sector, find out what is needed to prepare your DA.

Application process

Depending on the scope of your development proposal there may be different avenues in the application process. Find out about all of the application requirements, zoning certificates and any additional requirements that may affect your application.

DA advice and lodgement

To help you through the planning and DA process, we offer 4 types of appointments

Consent authorities

Visit this section to view a map showing the relevant consent authorities for development across the City.

Heritage conservation

The City has many systems and projects to ensure our rich heritage is preserved.

Environmental sustainability

As Sydney grows it is increasingly important to design and build efficient and environmentally clever buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste generation. 

Consent modifications

After your DA has been determined, if you need to make changes to the development consent provided by the relevant authority, find out what is required.

Decision reviews

If you are dissatisfied with a decision made about your DA you may be able to request a review of the determination.

Last updated: Wednesday, 11 July 2018