Additional requirements

Additional requirements

Providing more detail

Different developments will have varying additional requirements. The sections on this page summarise certain development aspects requiring more information with your application.

Heritage impact

A Statement of Heritage Impact is required if the development will affect a heritage-listed item or building, or if it is within a conservation area.

Floor space

If any additions result in the total floor area being increased, details of the existing and proposed floor areas including floor-space ratio calculations must be provided to the City of Sydney.

Shadow effects

Any development that includes the construction of a new building, or additions to an existing building require shadow diagrams to be provided. The diagrams form part of the assessment process to ensure the amenity of surrounding properties is protected to an appropriate standard. Shadow diagrams must:

  • be drawn to true north
  • be in accordance with the survey that has been prepared for the development application (DA) by a registered surveyor
  • show the expected shadows cast by the development proposal at hourly intervals between 9am and 3pm on 21 June
  • show the shadows cast by existing buildings and structures on the site and surrounding areas
  • show the extent of additional overshadowing cast by the proposed development at ground level and the windows of adjoining and surrounding premises.

Waste and recycling

All new and change-of-use developments that will generate construction, demolition and operational waste are required to complete a waste and recycling management plan. The plan needs to meet the requirements of the guidelines for waste management in new developments. The document contains waste and recycling management plan forms.


Where a development requires demolition of an existing building, full details of the age and condition of the buildings or works to be demolished must be provided. 


If you are proposing any landscape works with your development proposal, details of the works are required. The landscape codes cover single dwellings (volume 1) and all development except for single dwellings (volume 2).

Licensed premises

A Plan of Management is generally required for new licensed premises, or to extend trading hours at existing licensed premises.

The plan shows interested parties that the owner/operator is committed to ensuring the premises will be operated appropriately.

Licensees are encouraged to become a member of the City's Accord with Licensed Premises.

Major developments

The size and scope of some developments will determine whether additional information is required. Such information may include:

  • physical and electronic 3D models*
  • materials specifications
  • physical sample board*
  • traffic and parking report
  • wind effects report
  • shadow diagrams
  • additional drawings.
*size limits apply please see application forms


Further information about these additional requirements is available from your nearest customer service centre or please contact:

Duty Planner
02 9265 9333

Last updated: Friday, 31 May 2019