Lodging paperless applications

We are now accepting some applications in digital format

We no longer require paper copies for some of our development and building-related applications.

Instead of providing numerous paper copies of your application and supporting documents, you only need to follow our digital requirements.

The following applications will be accepted in digital format only:

  • Application for approval – Section 68 LGA 1993
  • Application for development (DA)
  • Application for development – food and drink premises
  • Application for development – small-scale commercial
  • Application for development – small-scale residential (householders)
  • Application for hoardings, scaffolding and other temporary structures
  • Application for outdoor dining on public land
  • Application for review of determination section 82A and section 96AB
  • Application to modify development consent
  • Building certificates
  • Compliance certificate
  • Complying development certificates
  • Construction certificates
  • Council/Crown land temporary structure application
  • Development application exemption – heritage works
  • Rejection review application
  • Site-based hoisting devices operating over a public road application.

Last updated: Monday, 23 April 2018