Consent modifications

Consent modifications

Act amendments

From March 2018, section 96 applications are now called section 4.55 applications.

Application to modify development consent

If you need to make changes to a development application (DA) after the City of Sydney has given consent there are several ways to do this. Each way depends on what sort of changes you want to make, and how they will affect the DA that was originally approved.

  • To correct a minor error, an incorrect description or miscalculation, an application to modify development a section 4.55(1) is required
  • For minimal environmental impact changes, a section 4.55(1A) application is required.
  • To modify the consent in other ways, due to design changes for example, evidence needs to be provided that the development will be substantially the same, with a section 4.55(2) application.
  • To modify a consent handed down by the Land and Environment Court, a section 4.56 application is required.
  • A specific application form is available if you're seeking to only extend your trading hours. For more information, please see the late night trading businesses page

The same application form, which can be downloaded below, can be used for all of the above scenarios (except late night trading) provided the correct section is clearly marked with appropriate details.

Modification applications also need verified consent from all of the registered property owners for the changes to be considered. If a company owns the property, the company stamp or seal is required. If the building is subject to a strata scheme, the owners' corporation seal and authorised signatures are required.

Further requirements

A modification application needs to include:

  • the completed form (download below)
  • fee payment
  • supporting documentation.

Drawings must be to scale – normally at 1:100 – and suitably numbered and dated. 

Additional information may still be required. Before lodging your application to modify consent we recommend discussing your proposed changes with the City's planning staff to ensure your request is not delayed due to inadequate information contained in your application.


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Last updated: Friday, 4 October 2019