Late trading businesses

Late trading businesses

Stay open later

The City of Sydney changed its planning controls to:

  • allow later trading (past 10pm) in certain parts of the local area
  • encourage a diverse range of shops and business to stay open longer
  • create incentives for live music and performance spaces.

If you own an existing business or want to start a business and would like to know what opportunities are available, please download the late night trading DCP summary map.

If you’re located within an identified late night trading area, please refer to the general provisions of the Sydney Development Control Plan (see chapter 3.15 Late Night Trading).

You can also view the detailed provisions and the DCP map pages.

For existing businesses looking to extend their trading hours, the City has created a guide to assist your application. Download the guide below.

To make it easier for you to apply for extended trading hours, we've streamlined the application form. The form can be used for unlicensed shops and businesses that want to trade up to:

  • 24 hours in the late night management area in the city centre and city living areas
  • 2am in local centres
  • 12 midnight in areas outside of the late night trading areas.

The form can also be used for small bars, cafes, restaurants performance venues and others (in line with the trading hours permitted in the DCP) to trade later.

The form cannot be used for residential properties, restricted premises and changes of use or intensification of use.

Please note, the application to modify development consent – late night trading is only for extending trading hours.

If you're proposing further modifications, please refer to the application to modify a development consent page.

As part of the development application process, the City has procedures for the notification and advertisement of new development applications and modification applications. For notification periods, please refer to the Schedules section of the Sydney DCP 2012.

For more information about different business types, please see When a DA is required.


If you want to change more than your trading hours, you can speak to a duty planner. Duty planner appointments are only available at our Town Hall Customer Service Centre.

Last updated: Monday, 10 February 2020