Construction-related noise

Code of practice

Construction activity including associated activities such as demolition and excavation, is always noisy.

Some noise-related impacts from various work activities will occur, but we expect all reasonable steps will be taken by builders and contractors to reduce noise.

To balance the needs of local residents, businesses and the construction sector, restrictions are placed on the amount of noise that can be made.

This is done through the code of practice (construction hours/noise in the city centre).

The code includes measures to reduce noise and impose time restrictions on noisy demolition, excavation and construction activities.

Ideally, noisy activities and the feasibility to undertake works during approved hours should be considered in the early stages of planning. But there may be special circumstances where there is a need for construction work to take place outside standard hours.

Examples include:

  • the delivery of oversized equipment or structural elements to limit road traffic impacts
  • movement and set-up of large mobile cranes and installation of site-based cranes
  • emergency works
  • maintenance, repairs or works on public infrastructure such as utility services or public infrastructure works.

Read further information on construction noise issues and making a complaint.

Last updated: Tuesday, 5 February 2019