Work outside approved days and times

Standard construction hours 

The City’s standard construction hours for all development work are:

Outside the city centre

  • 7.30am–5.30pm Monday to Friday
  • 7.30am–3.30pm on Saturday.

City centre

  • 7am–7pm Monday to Friday
  • 7am–5pm on Saturday.

Download a map showing the boundaries of these areas.

No work is allowed on Sundays and public holidays across the City of Sydney local area unless it has been specifically approved in a development consent.

Special approval can also be given to allow work outside of the standard construction days and times, such as to accommodate the needs of government agencies.

Special works could include critical roadworks on high traffic volume streets that may require Roads and Maritime Services to undertake works at night to avoid traffic disruption. See works associated with utility services and other infrastructure works.

Workers are allowed to be onsite outside of the standard hours in the immediate period leading up to the approved or standard start times, however they must remain in site sheds. They are also permitted to occupy site sheds within the immediate period following the end of the workday to shower or change, but no physical work is to take place.

Building certifiers are required to ensure works are undertaken within the approved times however the City will often take action in this area to ensure compliance.

Any complaints should be directed to the City in the first instance however complaints can also be made to the appointed certifier.

Contact details of the builder and building certifier, including telephone numbers, are required to be displayed in a prominent position on the site, usually on the site fence or hoarding.

When the City receives a complaint about work being undertaken outside the approved times, the City’s rangers will undertake an initial investigation. This may include visiting the site and interviewing workers.

Where there are no permits allowing work outside the standard times, the site manager will be directed to stop work and restrict activity to the approved times.

The City’s construction regulation team will follow-up the issue further including interviewing the site manager to establish the reasons for working outside of approved times.

Fines and/or civil prosecution will be considered in accordance with the City’s compliance policy and the prosecution and civil enforcement policy.

Builders and contractors can seek approval to work outside of approved construction times however this is only available under special circumstances such as:

  • delays in concrete pouring works (due to equipment failures)
  • unforeseen and unavoidable delays with delivery of material or equipment
  • unforeseen circumstances such as concrete batching plant breakdowns, inclement weather
  • time restrictions imposed by Roads and Maritime Services for large vehicle movements of equipment to and from a site.

Complaints about noise and vibration during approved construction times are generally the responsibility of the City’s health and building unit. See construction-related noise.

Last updated: Tuesday, 5 February 2019