Works associated with utility services and other infrastructure works

Other agencies/utility service providers

Across the city there is an extensive network of utility infrastructure that often requires maintenance, repair and upgrades.

Infrastructure is commonly located in road reservations often beneath busy traffic thoroughfares.  When access is required, the road may need to be partially closed.

Works may also need to be undertaken at night or on weekends to minimise impacts on traffic movement and congestion.

In some cases full road closure and traffic diversions may be needed to provide a safe space for workers and for the work to be done quickly.

The City often has little control over works undertaken by utility service providers and their contractors. This also applies to other infrastructure works in public areas.

In many cases these works do not require any approval from the City and we have little ability to impose conditions to manage impacts.

Utility agencies however have protocols and guidelines that must be followed to minimise impacts on the local community.

Where a utility agency or contractor does seek approval from the City to carry out works on roads (commonly referred to as seeking a road opening permit), we can impose conditions to limit impacts on a local area. This can include restricting times of work and/or requiring noise reduction measures to be in place.

Complaints about these types of works including noise and other impacts should in the first instance be directed to the relevant government agency/utility owner or contractor undertaking the work.

Where it is not possible to identify the nature of work and/or the agency/contractor, you should contact the City.

If the work is being undertaken outside of standard work times, City rangers will attend and investigate. Complaints can be lodged by contacting customer service.

Last updated: Tuesday, 5 February 2019