Works zones

Works zones

Works zone applications

Works zones are provided to aid the efficient and safe operation of construction activity at development sites. Generally, all loading and unloading associated with construction will be accommodated within the development site. If this is not feasible, the City of Sydney may consider an on-street works zone.

A driver can stop in a works zone if they are driving a vehicle that is engaged in construction work in or near the zone, or dropping off or picking up passengers.

To seek approval for a works zone, you can download and complete the application form, which details applicable fees and charges, required documentation and submission dates. Council considers all applications in consultation with Roads and Maritime Services and NSW Police, which generally takes 6 to 8 weeks.

Unsuitable works zone locations

Works zones are generally not suitable in the following locations:

  • bus zones
  • taxi zones
  • bus lanes or clearways
  • within 20m of an intersection with traffic lights
  • within 10m of an intersection without traffic lights.

Works zones may not be permitted in areas that are signposted 'No Parking' or 'No Stopping', or where Council deems it unsuitable.

Hoisting from a works zone

If you are proposing to swing or hoist goods from a works zone with a lift, hoist or crane (including tower cranes), then you must obtain separate approval from the City

Works zone street sign

Trees within or next to a works zone

If there are nearby trees that will constrain loading and unloading from your proposed works zone, then you must obtain separate approval from the City's tree management team for any pruning or other impacts on trees before you submit a works zone application.


For further information and advice about works zones, please contact:

Traffic operations 
02 9265 9333

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Last updated: Wednesday, 20 March 2019