Site Works

Site Works

City-commissioned artworks

Site Works is a collection of original, contemporary Australian artworks licensed for use on construction sites across Sydney. Site Works aims to:

  • provide artists with the opportunity to display their work on a large scale to a broad audience.
  • animate public spaces with temporary artworks
  • transform the visual impact of construction sites, bringing creativity into the everyday, making Sydney a more vibrant place to live, work and visit.

We called for artwork and design concepts from across the nation and received more than 500 submissions with 10 final artworks selected and licensed by the City.

The design files for these works are available to the construction industry, free of charge, to print and install on hoardings.

We will advise which of the 3 works is most suitable for your hoarding and supply you with the design files when your application is approved.

Site Works artworks

A Song from Nature
A Song from Nature, by Danling Xiao aka Mundane Matters, Sydney. These fruit and vegetable sculptures make playful use of food scraps and off-cuts that might otherwise go to waste. Suitable for all areas, Type A and Type B hoardings of any dimension.
Sydney Opera House at Night
Sydney Opera House at Night, by Emily Crockford, Sydney. Emily is an emerging artist working with Studio A, an organisation that provides support for professional artists with intellectual disability. This is her painting of the Opera House at night capturing and reflecting the colour of the city. Suitable for all areas, Type A site fences and Type B (fascia only) hoardings, with a minimum length of 20m. 
Poly Ubiquitous
Poly Ubiquitous, by Cynthia Schwertsik, Adelaide. This photo series considers the seductive beauty of the plastic shopping bag, here, immersed in water. Suitable for all areas, Type A and Type B hoardings of any dimensions. Modular panels can be placed in any order and combination.
Birds of Australia
Birds of Australia, by Egg Picnic, Sydney. This piece brings Australia’s diverse native birdlife into the city through playful illustrations that also remind us of the vulnerability of our native wildlife. Suitable for all areas, Type A and Type B hoardings of any dimensions.
The Terminal Face of the Perito Moreno Glacier
The Terminal Face of the Perito Moreno Glacier, by Timothy Harland, Sydney. This imposing image is made of over 50 individual photographs of the Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, stitched together. Suitable for large Type A site fences and tall fascias on Type B hoardings only, image cannot be split or repeated over different levels but can be 'looped' and extended for any length of hoarding.
Children Very Upset
Children Very Upset, by Edwin Budhi, Sydney. This photo documentary series explores the lost pet signs that can be found across Sydney, and links back to a blog that tells the stories of what happened to the animals and their owners. Suitable for inner suburban areas and city fringe. Type A and Type B hoarding with a site fence only.
Real Myth
Real Myth, by Captain Pipe, Sydney. This illustration explores how people shape their unique vision for what they wish to build and how seemingly bizarre these processes can sometimes be. Suitable for all areas, particular inner suburban, Type A and Type B hoardings with a minimum length of 30m. Fixed width modular sections can be repeated as required.
Stone Jewels
Stone Jewels, by Fiona Currey, Darwin. This series of hand drawn sketches illuminate various stone cutting tools found across NSW, showing the beauty, complexity and craftsmanship of these objects and exploring Aboriginal construction techniques in a contemporary construction setting. Suitable for Type A and Type B hoardings of any dimension in any area.
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course, by Elliot Foulkes, Sydney. An abstract obstacle course of simplified architectural forms which references an individual’s experience and journey through the city. Suitable for Type A and Type B hoardings of any dimensions, adaptable for multi-staged projects which will change dimensions over time.
Double-take, by Rachel Harris, Adelaide. Rachel has worked with City historians and archivists to source historical images of Sydney and has then photoshopped modern items into the pictures. This is a game to play for passers-by, to spot the 21st century elements hidden in the photos. Suitable for all areas, Type A and Type B hoardings with site fences at ground level. Fixed width panels can be placed in various combinations and repeated.

Last updated: Friday, 27 April 2018