Comments and objections


If you wish to make a comment or an objection to a development proposal you need to make a submission to the City of Sydney by email or post, before the exhibition closing date. You must include your full name and address, the relevant development application (DA) number and the site address.

If your submission is an objection to the proposal, your reasons should be clearly provided. We would like to know about the issues that are important to you.


When you send us your submission, we carefully consider it as part of the assessment process to determine the DA. You will be sent an email or letter by post acknowledging when we have received your submission.

Privacy concerns

Submissions are NOT kept confidential. We release submissions when a request is made in accordance with privacy laws and the relevant provisions under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

When we do release a submission by law, we routinely withhold contact numbers, email addresses and signatures. Should you wish for all personal details or any information that may identify you be withheld from the public, please let us know in your submission.

Where required under legislation, submissions are placed on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s concurrence and referral portal. Even where confidentiality is requested, personal information within these will be available to applicants and external agencies.  

Disclosure requirements

If you have given a gift or made a donation to a councillor, an employee, or an approved contractor of the City within the past 2 years, by law you must include a disclosure statement with your submission.

Assessments and decisions

City planning officers determine the majority of DAs under delegated authority of Council. DAs for significant development are determined by the Local Planning Panel, or in the case of development costing over $50 million, applications are determined by the Central Sydney Planning Committee.

The public is welcome to attend these meetings, which are held in the Council Chambers at Sydney Town Hall. Members of the public can request to present their issues at the panel or committee meetings by contacting the Secretariat Unit. The Secretariat can also advise the dates and times of scheduled meetings.

Agendas and reports for the Local Planning Panel and CSPC are generally made available online 1 week before the scheduled meeting. Copies are also available free of charge from your nearest customer service centre.


If amendments to a DA are minor or reduce impacts you will not be notified.

Wherever possible persons who have made submissions will be notified when a DA is to be determined by the Local Planning Panel or the Central Sydney Planning Committee. 

Wherever possible persons who have made submissions will be advised of the meeting date as soon as the agenda has been published. Due to the short timeframe between an agenda being published and the meeting taking place, it is not always practical to post a letter to people who have sent a submission. We ask that you include a daytime telephone number or an email address, so we can contact you quickly.

When a final determination is made about a DA all people who make a submission are informed of the outcome. For DAs determined by the Local Planning Panel or Central Sydney Planning Committee, Council business papers are available online.


Send your submission to:

City of Sydney, GPO Box 1591, Sydney NSW 2001

To find out more about a specific DA and its progress, please speak to the planner dealing with the application:

Planning Assessment Unit
02 9265 9333

To find out when the next committee meeting is scheduled and/or request time to speak at the meeting, please contact:

Secretariat Unit
02 9265 9333

Last updated: Thursday, 13 December 2018