Contributions outside Central Sydney

Contributions outside Central Sydney

Outside the city centre

A contribution may be required from development outside the city centre that will result in any additional residents, workers or overnight visitors. You can download the plan, which applies to development applications and complying development applications made on or after 1 July 2016.

Key steps in determining the contribution

The consent authority, including Council or an accredited certifier, is responsible for determining the contribution in accordance with the plan. If it is required a condition is imposed in the consent or complying development certificate requiring the contribution.

There are 4 key steps to determine the contribution. 

1. Check which precinct the development is in

The plan is divided into 3 precincts: east, south and west. You can download a map showing the 3 precincts below. A precinct map is also shown in section 1.2 of the plan, which you can also download. As outlined in section 1.2, the plan does not apply to development in Redfern and Waterloo to which the Redfern-Waterloo Authority contributions plan 2006 applies.

2. Check if the development is excluded from the need to pay a contribution 

Development listed in section 1.3 of the plan is excluded from the need to pay a contribution. Examples include alterations and additions to dwellings, non-profit childcare centres and some types of affordable housing.  

3. Determine the net population increase from the development

The contribution is calculated based on the net increase in the number of:

  • Dwellings – expressed as 1-bed, 2-bed and 3 or more bed dwellings.
  • Residents – living in boarding houses, student housing and seniors housing and so on.
  • Visitors – staying in hotels, serviced apartments and backpackers' accommodation.
  • Workers – employed in non-residential development.  

The net population increase is the proposed population minus the previous population. The consent authority will determine the previous and proposed population using the occupancy rates in section 2.1 of the plan. You can download a summary of the occupancy rates, which you can use to obtain an estimate of the net population increase and associated development contribution for your development.

4. Calculate the contribution 

The consent authority will calculate the contribution by multiplying the net population increase by the contribution rate per additional dwelling, resident, worker or overnight visitor. 

Contributions are indexed for inflation at the time of consent and again at the time of payment using quarterly updates to the consumer price index for Sydney. You can download current indexed contribution rates

You can estimate the contribution for your development with our precinct estimator:

The estimator should be used as a guide only and the consent authority is responsible for determining the actual contribution.

Paying the contribution

If a contribution is required, the consent authority or certifying authority will include a condition in the consent or complying development certificate requiring the contribution.

When you're ready to pay your contribution email to request a letter confirming the indexed contribution payable. We usually issue the letter within 2–5 business days. The letter will be valid until the next quarterly indexation date. If you don't pay the contribution by this date you will need to obtain another letter for the next indexation period.

Contributions can be paid at any of the City's customer service centres. Acceptable payment methods are eftpos (debit card only), cash or a bank cheque made payable to the City of Sydney. Personal or company cheques are not accepted.

The contribution needs to be paid before obtaining a construction certificate or commencing the complying development works.

Previous contributions plans

The City of Sydney development contributions plan 2006 and Ultimo Pyrmont section 94 contributions plan 1994 apply to applications lodged before 1 July 2016 but determined on or after 1 July.

Precinct map

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Last updated: Thursday, 31 October 2019