Public domain design codes

Public domain design codes

Public domain improvements

Our design codes set the guidelines for all public domain improvements in the City of Sydney local area including:

  • streets
  • footpaths
  • landscaping
  • public spaces.

The following design codes apply to development applications for public domain works:

  • Sydney Streets Code 2013
  • Sydney Lights Code
  • Sydney Signage Code (currently being updated)
  • Sydney Parks Code (currently being updated).

The Sydney Streets Technical Specifications 2013 is the companion document to the public domain design codes.

Inclusive and accessible public spaces

The inclusive and accessible public domain policy and guidelines will guide the City to provide an inclusive and accessible public domain and enable people with disability who live, work in or visit the city to experience greater independence and dignity, and more equitable opportunities for social and economic inclusion.

The policy and guidelines provide a framework to apply relevant Australian access standards consistently. This includes best practice approaches in the design, maintenance and management of public domain spaces such as streets, footpaths, parks and open spaces, and infrastructure including street furniture.

The policy and guidelines will apply to all new and upgraded public domain spaces and infrastructure, delivered by the City of Sydney, or third parties such as contractors or developers as part of voluntary planning agreements. They:

  • set out minimum requirements for access and examples of best practice to strive for
  • provide flexibility for managing design challenges with guidance on design and decision making, including how to seek expert advice
  • support the City and others using public spaces to maintain access by setting minimum requirements
  • describe best practice for inclusion and access during temporary disruptions such as construction, events, markets, filming and other activities.

Last updated: Wednesday, 4 December 2019